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Remove your spark plug boots quickly and easily with this spark plug boot removal tool! No more ripped plug wire boots or burned fingers! With a steel shaft and arm, and an insulated handle, that dreaded tune-up just got a little easier and safer!

Jul 22, 2016 · Step 2: Remove the spark plug wire at the spark plug. Use the pliers as close to the end of the spark plug boot as possible. Tip: Use a slight twisting motion to loosen the spark plug wire from the spark plug. In some cases, the spark plug wire’s internal connector will break and remain on the spark plug, as shown above.
GM LS1 EFI 98/03 standalone engine wiring harness for auto gearbox 4L60E (DBC) Included with this harness is an 8 circuit modular fuse block and labels for easy installation. Perfect for those that plan to mount these components under the seat or in the centre console.
Remove the 5 10mm and 12mm bolts to remove the RH timing belt cover. You'll need some extensions to get the bolt by the power steering pump. Disconnect the LH ignition coil connector. Then remove the 2 bolts and remove the LH ignition coil. Disconnect the water by-pass pipe and remove it. Finally, remove the bolts on the LH timing belt cover and remove it. 11) Remove the three 8mm bolts and remove the distributor caps.
Double End Long Reach Spark Plug Box Spanner 16/18mm Double end. Performance Spark Plug Removal Tool.
Crimping your own Spark Plug wires... Here are a couple of very useful tools that help get the job done. Often the spark plug wire kits come pre-made for your engines application. This is fine for a regular passenger car, but for custom engines they are often too long or just don't fit right.
ECU Connector Kit for GM Gen III LS-Series PCMs 1997-2002 Parts to build your own ECU connector assemblies $75.00 100-01112
For example, on our shop truck our spark plug wires go immediately down and straight under the manifold to the spark plugs. The coil is similarly mounted to put the coil wire in this zone. The wiring from the Sniper and HyperSpark go up and away from the distributor.We hope to write a more detailed article on this soon. Stay tuned!
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• Check all spark plug wires for proper routing. All plug wires should be in the factory wiring separator. • Check that all spark plug wires are securely attached to the spark plugs and to the distributor cap or ignition coil(s). • Remove the distributor cap and carefully check the cap and distributor rotor for faults.
Double Offset Spark Plug Boot Removal Pliers by Lisle®. Skin Pack Card. Used to Remove Stubborn Spark Plug Wires. Universal Spark Plug Boot Puller by Lisle®. Removes Spark Plug Wire Boots from Plugs. A simple, yet effective tool for disengaging spark plug boots.
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  • Uncertainties are between the use of a copper spark plug that is to be gaped at .060 and a ACDelco Iridium Spark Plug that Gaps at .040. 41-100 by acDelco (check the gap on each plug) and a light coat of dielectric grease in the spark plug boots and torque the plugs to 15 N-m or 11 foot lbs A light coat of anti seize is at your discretion.
  • ls1 gen iii (ls1 / vortec) lsx gen iv dbc (ls2-ls9) ls2 gen iv dbw ls3 gen iv dbw 2jzgte (non vvti & vvti) 1jzgte (non vvti & vvti) s13 sr20det s14 sr20det s15 sr20det sr20de (rwd) sr20vet (rwd) vvl rb20det rb25det rb25det neo rb26dett vg30de(tt) vh45de
  • Find great deals on eBay for spark plug removal tool. 14mm Spark Plug Socket Thin Wall Removal Tool 12 Points 3/8" Drive fit NEW USA.
  • Spark plug wires can easily be visually inspected for tears, burns or black spots that may pinpoint a voltage leak. Close inspection of the boots and terminals should also be checked. You can also measure the resistance of each spark plug wire, but like coils, values may vary between wire brands.
  • $11.46 NGK 2647 PFR5G-11 Spark Plug - Same Day Shipping. Free Returns. PayPal Accepted. Secure Online Ordering. Est. 1969.

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May 23, 2017 · Pulled the plugs on my ‘14 Malibu 2.5 with 140k KM today and the centre two were in there really tight. I’m 220lbs and I had to lean in with my full body weight to pop them. The tightest plugs I’ve ever had to pull and that was with the car sitting over night. Even if you don’t need plugs I’d take the hour and anti seize the threads. - No Coil Relocation, Wire Harness Extensions, or Custom Spark Plug Wires Required - Includes Low-Profile Billet Oil Fill Cap - Includes all Necessary Coil Mounting and Dress-Up Hardware - Made in the USA *Valve Cover Base Fits LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7 Engines.
Jan 04, 2007 · Tools: A Visa card with a large credit line. Talent: (4) Applicable Years: 1992 to 1996. Tab: $500 to $1,000. Tip: Don’t ever let any water get in the area of the Opti-Spark if you detail your engine compartment. Complementary Work: This would be a good time to install new spark plug wires. Spark plug wires on the LT1 are a major effort.

Use the correct tools for installing aviation spark plugs to prevent spark plug dam-age during installation and to ensure proper operation. To gap fine-wire (platinum or iridium) spark plugs, use the Champion CT-457 gap-setting tool. The spark plug can be supported in a vise-mounted socket...

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Nov 04, 2012 · Check if the sensor has 12V at green wire with ignition key open (meassured at the sensor's connector) Buy a crank sensor connector, plug it to the sensor (installed in the engine). Feed 12V to the green wire. With a multimeter, set it to DC volts and hook the red lead to blue wire, black lead to ground. Loose all spark plugs.